Hello World

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Hello World is the intro program that every beginner programmer writes to mark their adventure into the new world. This is my Hello World into the blogging world, the web development world and the world where I can be proactive about the things and ideas I wish to explore.

About Me

To begin, I am a computer engineering and computer science dual major at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. I'm currently in my second co-op (internship) thanks to Northeastern's co-op program that provides students the ability to work in full-time internships in between semesters of classes (more info here: Northeastern University Co-Op). My current internship is as a Python/firmware programmer at EMC2 where I have been working on scripting test cases and developing features to aid in fuzz testing. My previous internship was at Seagate where I aided in running lab tests, before I switched over to web development for one of their proprietary web tools. I have these internships to thank for my experience in Python programming as Python is now my language of choice.

Of course as a college student I have some free time and I need to be able to relieve stress from the coursework. I have been a member of the Northeastern University (Club) Triathlon Team since my freshman year and I currently serve on their executive board. I have raced about 3 triathlons a year and my practice schedule during the year ranges from 3 to 6 workouts a week depending on my classwork or co-op schedule. To contrast with my fitness crazed triathlon side I practice photography to bring out my creative side. I started with a used DSLR from eBay and I have moved onto a nicer, newer DSLR and more equipment that I'll carry around on city walks or wherever I travel. I lightly edit my photos and maintain a photography blog on Tumblr (Eric Su Photography) and all of my photos can be viewed on Flickr.

This Website

To be able to say that I'm even somewhat interested in web development I feel as if having my own custom-made website is a must. This website was created as a project for myself to experiment in front-end web development and to start maintaining a blog to document all of my experiences in life. This website is also meant to serve up a (hopefully) less boring version of my resume details in case any potential employers decide to come poking around. Info on my education, work experience and projects is still in the works but I should be able to bring them online soon. The entire design and implementation of this site has been done myself, by hand, with credit given to any resources I have specified here.

Eric Su

Eric Su

MBA and software engineer building products for high-growth teams.