Configuration Updates

June 09, 2015


The exciting news today is that the website is now being hosted on the custom domain and that gems have been added to utilize GitHub Pages’ support plugins! The plugins include support for emojis :smile:, @ mentions, and page redirection. In addition, a sitemap has also been generated automatically in the background by the jekyll-sitemap plugin.

Looking back at the list of tasks planned during the June State of the Website, most of the work has been implemented at this point. The addition of information on personal projects, education, etc. is still in progress. However there is now information available on my work experience in the tech industry right now. Since June 1st, blog posts’ tags and categories have been implemented, and Disqus has been implemented across all blog posts to allow for comments. The blog landing page has been designed to a simple layout and a 404 page has been created in case users wander astray. Finally the website has been re-designed to be entirely responsive, allowing the website to be nicely viewed on mobile devices.

More changes should be coming very soon.

SOTW State of the Website Update