Welcome to Responsive Design

June 04, 2015


As of June 4, 2015 the website was transferred to a responsive design that will allow mobile users to comfortably view and navigate the website on their devices without having to zoom in and out. This is a decision that was born from the industry necessity for websites to be mobile friendly in order to stay relevant and attract or keep users. Without a mobile friendly device, web pages are annoying to use for the millions of people who use their smartphones every day.

This website was originally built with the Bootstrap framework which is meant specifically for responsive design. At first commit, the Bootstrap framework had not been fully utilized, meaning that the previous designs were not mobile-friendly. However now, mobile users should be presented with a friendly toolbar and nicely formatted web content.

responsive navbar

Text should now be fit to the users screen so mobile users will not have to do any left-right scrolling while reading blog posts or information. In order to further improve the readability of blog posts for users, the navbar on all blog post pages will no longer remain at the top of the screen as the user scrolls (fixed-top) and will instead only remain at the top of the blog post (static-top) so mobile users will be able to enjoy more screen space to view blog content.

The design will continue to be tweaked and updated as time goes while remaining responsive for mobile users.

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