State of the Website, June 2015

June 01, 2015


“State of the Website” is meant to summarize the progress that has been made in the development of this website and the work that is planned to continue its growth.

Progress Made

This website has been created with GitHub Pages and its release, marked by its first commit to GitHub, occurred four days ago on May 28th, 2015. The index page was initially created with GitHub’s page generator using the “Slate” template. However the layout has since been replaced with custom content and only the “View on GitHub” banner and residual CSS were leftover (the CSS was left to ensure compatibility). Jekyll, the static web page generator, was initialized in order to enable blogging features and the website has been structured accordingly. The layouts for the home page, the About Me page, and the blog page and posts were written by hand, with the design for the home page and the About Me page being taken from my other project Chefversity.

Planning Ahead

  • Functionality for blog post category and tags will be added
  • Blog posts will include comment sections. Disqus will most likely be used
  • The home page will include content about my work experience, projects and education
  • The website will be migrated to a custom domain
  • The blog landing page needs to be redesigned
  • 404 page is needed
  • A sitemap should be produced</strike
  • The site will be made more mobile-friendly (as a way for me to learn responsive web design)

Edit: Website migrated to custom domain and sitemap generated (06/09/2015)

Edit: Responsive design has been implemented (06/04/2015)

Edit: Updated list of upcoming features to reflect the features that have been implemented (06/03/2015)

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