Python & Django

Chefversity is a media company focused on cooking education. We provide mini lessons to build cooking skills and we integrate our recipes with our learning material for a seamless cooking experience.

PyAiml2 (Open Source)


PyAiml is a Python interpreter for AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language), which is used to program chatbots and most famously known for making up A.L.I.C.E., the natural language artificial intelligence chat robot.

PyAiml was written in Python 2 to interpret AIML version 1.0.1. PyAiml2 is a fork of a Python 3 port of PyAiml with the objective to update the intrepreter to handle AIML 2.0.


Python & Django | GitHub

A Python/Django project to create a tour of popular bars around the country according to Yelp. Originally developed to demonstrate a traveling salesman approximation algorithm. (Please contact for a demo)

Chefversity Teaser Site

HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap

A static custom teaser website designed for The entirety of the website was written from scratch using the Bootstrap library. Personal Website/Blog

HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, (Ruby)

This website was produced using the Jekyll static content generator and Liquid template engine via GitHub Pages. The entire front-end has been written from scratch and a developer-side Ruby Jekyll plugin was written to automate the implementation of tags and categories.



A Python console program to encrypt and decrypt passwords and/or files using the Python cryptography library.

MoveIt File Utility


A script with a graphical user interface that easily transfers and backs up files to multiple directories

MoveIt was conceived in order to automate transferring photos from an SD card to a primary and secondary hard drive, while sorting the photos into different subdirectories based on their creation dates.