Mid-November Update

November 18, 2015


Oops I did it again…It’s been a month since I last updated this blog about any developments or projects but I’m back to bring everything back up to speed!

First thing’s first, I have found a co-op placement for Spring 2016! I am pleased to announce that I have officially accepted an offer to work with the Cambridge startup Ensurify as a software developer. As a background refresher: I am a student at Northeastern University which implements a co-op program (similar to internships) where 6-month co-ops are part of my education program.

Sidenote: I finished up this website and several projects prior to my job search, so my contact at Ensurify saw my work and contacted me to express interest in interviewing and hiring me. So I’d say this website has already been a success for me!

Now back to news about projects: Since the development of the barcrawl web application, I have made improvements to the user interface. The most significant of which is to display the route of the given barcrawl on a Google Map. Now I am currently working to optimize the barcrawl app by implementing a database back-end that can store popular bars to reduce the amount of requests to the Google Maps API, hopefully reducing latency between a user’s search request and the return of their results.

November Co-op