To All the Haters Arguing About Religious Freedom & Gay Marriage

June 27, 2015


Yesterday I wrote about why the opposing justices on the Supreme Court voted against the decision to legalize gay marriage.

If you read the article, it explains that the justices primarily opposed the decision because they did not think that the Supreme Court should have the power to make a decision about marriage for the entire nation. There seems to be little or no indication that the opposing justices were opposed to the idea of gay marriage.

However, of course there were negative responses to the decision from more conservative states, and among the opposition there was a lot of reference to the freedom of religion. To those people I say:

The Supreme Court DID NOT take away your freedom of religion by giving the LGBT community more equality.

They’re not saying that you have to go and only marry gays and forget about heterosexual couples.

They’re saying that any and all bigots against the LGBT community no longer have any legal power to stop gay marriage.

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